Shared Performance with Medicine Hat High School

Band Exchange with Medicine Hat High SchoolBand Exchange with Medicine Hat High School

The band of 40 high school students from Medicine Hat High School filed into the music room Wednesday, March 19. Our Jr. Band from DVSS played, "Old Time Rock and Roll," Ancient Moon," and "Blues Machine, "(featuring our soloing drummer). MHHS treated us to their working versions of Fantasy in F, a rock song, and Farandole. Then we did a short icebreaker after mixing up the bands, a warm up activity, and proceeded with playing the piece, "Shadows Unleashed" together. It was an incredible experience to hear such a massive group of 70 plus students in the music room! Our students appreciated the opportunity to play for another band, they also enjoyed hearing them play for us. Mostly, our students appreciated having the variety of instruments and especially partnering up with a like instrument, which hasn't always been available in our band. Excitment was bursting as they were able to have someone else in their instrument section and play together! Bonds were formed as we played together and shared together! Thanks for the experience MHHS!!