Outdoor Education: Hunter Training Camp 2017

Outdoor Education – Hunter Training Camp 2017

Parental/Guardian Information

Dear Parents:

Students eligible for the outdoor survival camp will be taking part in the annual DVSS Hunter Training Camp during the third week of June, 2017.

Basic Information

  • Wednesday June 14th to Friday June 16th.  

  • Alford lake Conservation and Education Center near Caroline, AB.  

  • The Students will be provided with equipment guides and assigned to a shelter group of 2-4 students.  

  • Select high school students who have taken part in the course in the past will likely accompany us on this trip as Jr. Leaders.

  • Student transportation by bus

  • Parent Volunteers are required

    • We require a minimum of 5 parent volunteers for this excursion to take place.  Of the 5 volunteers, we must have at least one female.  There will be at least 2 teachers travelling with the group.  In addition we are required by the camp to have a trailer to store our food in while at the camp.  In the past we have been fortunate enough to have parents/guardians who have access to a horse trailer. If you wish to help out we can be reached at the school at, or you can send a message to Mr. Berdahl.

The material needed by the students is being detailed throughout the course.  They will be supplied with an equipment list.  Some of these materials are personal and everyone is expected to have these items.  Some of these items are group items and must be collectively accumulated by members of their group.  Due to the cost of the camping equipment it is suggested that materials be borrowed whenever possible.  It is also required that the students and parents sign and return the campers code of conduct (available online by way of our virtual classroom).


To be eligible to attend survival camp the students must meet the following criteria:

  • Permission from Parent or Guardian

  • Appropriate classroom behavior throughout the term

  • An overall mark of 70% prior to the trip

  • All school fees must be paid

  • All required documents must be handed in


No behavior that endangers the safety of an individual or group will be tolerated.  In certain cases it may be necessary to call a parent in Drumheller and require the child be picked up at the camp.  This includes, but is not limited to the use of drugs or alcohol.  In the event of such behavior the student will be held at the camp center until the parent arrives.  Further, it should be noted that only the students that have met the criteria and those that have paid their course fees will go on the trip.

Parent supervisors are to work in support of keeping our students safe and well for the duration of the camp.

Thank you for your support

Andrew Berdahl