We love NYC!!


We're home safe and sound from our trip to New York! What an incredible experience! The Drumheller Mail INsider did a great write up you can check out here at http://www.drumhellermail.com/news/28348-dvss-fine-arts-students-visit-new-york (Bravo former student Kyle Smylie) or check out our trip blog through www.dvssfinearts.weebly.com Truly it was an honour and pleasure to be a part of this life changing journey. The hurdles and barriers that were worked through and the experiences we had were indeed life changing. I'm so proud of each person on the trip and would take any of them anywhere, anytime! May you always dream, love, and pray!
I appreciate you, parents, for your trust and allowing this experience! It truly was an experience of a lifetime! Ms. S