Robotics - Electro Assembly

Students show off their Hummingbird projects!Students show off their Hummingbird projects!

Our Robotics class had a successful Hummingbird Arduino board class project, where students designed their own robots.  The task required each student to program their robot to have a minimum of 3 sensors and 3 responding output actions.  We had a variety of sensors: light, temperature, distance, and sound, which would cause LED lights to flash and blink in a sequence and would also cause movement in their robot.  We used the Scratch coding program for all responding elements.  The students showed a lot of creativity and enthusiasm in their projects.  For the project, students had to demonstrate their ability to code, make full use of the Hummingbird Arduino board, and their own creativity and artistry in the design of the project.  I saw same very cool robots from Pac Man, to TV and movie characters, to a dragon.  We used peer-assessment so students could see how each made theirs, inquire about anything that was unknown to them, and just admirer each others' work.