Ms. Alsafi's October Update

It has been a very busy month in Ms. Alsafi’s English 10-1 and ESL classrooms. We
have spent our time mastering poetry and short stories. For our poetry unit, we’ve
analyzed traditional poetry and have written our own traditional poems, but we’ve
also deconstructed rap and examined how non-traditional Instagrammable poems
plays a role in shaping modern day poetry. For our short story unit, we’ve had many
dramatic readings of stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Shirley Jackson, and Nathanial
Hawthorne. We’ve also broken down and examined the structure of short stories.
We’re very much looking forward to our next unit, novel studies.

Many of our students also went to the WE Day in Edmonton this year as a part of
FOR Club. WE Day was a very motivating, fun, and empowering day that promotes
the idea of creating positive social change in our community and around the world.
We can’t wait to see how our students make an impact and enact change this year!