May 2 - School Bus Driver Appreciation Day...

Monday, May 2, 2016 has been designated as School Bus Driver Appreciation Day to provide teachers, students and families...

Apr 29 - Farewell!

International students become like family to us and enrich our school experience.  Here we say a sad farewell to Nella...

Mar 17 - Macbeth Goes on Trial

In a time honored tradition, Macbeth went on trial on Tuesday at the Drumheller courthouse.  Students represented the v...

Mar 16 - Picture Perfect

Arts and Crafts students are in full swing. Some projects they have been working on include rug hooking, friendship brac...

Mar 16 - Students Find Their Way at DVSS

Outdoor education students at DVSS are taking advantage of the fine spring weather and sharpening their navigational ski...

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Inspiring a caring and courageous community of lifelong learners; empowering global citizens for generations. 

Over the past eight years we have had hundreds of students join us from all over the world. Countries represented in our school are: Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, China, Korea, Japan, Jordan, Dubai, Taiwan, and Spain.

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Senior Titans in Okotoks
Titans Trample Competition
Connor Smith 100m
Gabe Gumasing Long Jump
Zach Suntjens Discus
Mar 16 - Badminton Season

Badminton season is under way at DVSS. Students are asked to bring their own racquets. For more information speak with M...

Mar 7 - Harlem Crowns Return to DVSS

On March 7th at the DVSS Gymnasium, The Harlem Crowns return to Drumheller to take on the Senior Basketball Team. Ticket...

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Fine Arts

Rehearsal for #alice
We will rock you!
Insrumental performance at Fine Arts Night.
Vocal entertainment at Senior's Christmas Dinner.
Fun times!
Mar 15 - Music Festival Performance

DDMFA is upon us. The band performs at the K-Scope theatre at 9:30am, Thursday, March 17. Admission is charged.

Feb 24 - Wanted Dead or Alive

Another song to check out by one of our senior rock bands.

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The Radley house - TKAM
The Radley House - TKAM
Boo Radley's House - To Kill a Mockingbird
Calgary Tower
Group shot - one of many - with Mayor Nenshi
Apr 22 - French Revolution Day!

Social 20-1 students each took on the persona (and costume) of a character from the French Revolution.  Maria-Antoinett...

Apr 19 - Competing Nationalist Loyalties

Social studies 20-1 has been exploring the tensions among nationalist and non-nationalist loyalties by attempting to rea...

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Math & Science

Ready... Set... Go!
Learning About Static Electricity!
Biology Activities
Digestion In A Bag!!!
Mar 16 - Biology 30 Brain Dissection

The Biology 30 class recently tried their hands at brain surgery.  As part of the curriculum the students are required...

Mar 16 - NHL Math and Science Presentation

One morning near the end of the first semester, all our grade 8 students participated in an NHL Math and Science worksho...

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COSMO Students Halloween Makeup @ BCF
COSMO Students offer Halloween Make-Up Service
Photography at DVSS
Model House completed!
DVSS Newscast Has Started Up!
Mar 16 - COSMO Facials

Well-Being Wednesdays have turned into the perfect SPA days in the DVSS COSMO Lab with students showing off their facial...

Mar 16 - Students Find Their Way at DVSS

Outdoor education students at DVSS are taking advantage of the fine spring weather and sharpening their navigational ski...

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DVSS attends WE Day
World of Choices for Grade 11 Students
Leadership Initiatives
Apr 11 - DYNOS Apparel On SALE!

The DYNOS Student Council has brought in DYNOS apparel to sell to all students, staff, community and family members. Ple...

Jan 20 - Old fashioned pen pals revamped.

When one of our students returned from time studying in Japan, she also returned with a penpal request. Some grade 8 and...

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