Nov 20 - International Day 2015

International Day 2015 was a huge success.  This year we had nine different performances from solos to groups singing a...

Nov 18 - Remembrance

Miss Sullivan's social classes took time to make posters to honour the men and women who have fought and continue to fig...

Nov 2 - Holocaust Survivor Honored Guest at...

DVSS is thrilled to host Auschwitz survivor, Eva Olsson, who will speak to students at the Remembrance Day ceremony at D...

Oct 29 - WE Day an Inspiring Experience

DVSS students experienced an inspiring and challenging day when they attended WE Day at the Saddledome in Calgary. You c...

Oct 23 - Elections at DVSS

Monday, October 19 -- in what has been called an election of historical proportions across Canada, students throughout D...

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Inspiring a caring and courageous community of lifelong learners; empowering global citizens for generations. 

Over the past eight years we have had hundreds of students join us from all over the world. Countries represented in our school are: Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, China, Korea, Japan, Jordan, Dubai, Taiwan, and Spain.

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Senior Titans in Okotoks
Titans Trample Competition
Connor Smith 100m
Gabe Gumasing Long Jump
Zach Suntjens Discus
Oct 21 - Sr. Boys Basketball Tryouts

The Sr. Boys Basketball Tryout will be Date: Monday Nov 2nd Time 9:00 – 10:30pm Date: Tuesday Nov 3rd Time...

Oct 9 - 2015 Cross Country Success

Congratulations to Sam Brown and Kyra Koustrup who have both qualified for the Provincials in Cross Country on Oct 17th...

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Fine Arts

Rehearsal for #alice
We will rock you!
Insrumental performance at Fine Arts Night.
Vocal entertainment at Senior's Christmas Dinner.
Fun times!
Sep 16 - Celebrating artists

Miss Autumn Gillis is an amazing artist studying at DVSS!

Sep 16 - Drama support

Working with each other to achieve what we cannot achieve alone is one of the key focuses of any drama class - even when...

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Our snow angels - First time seeing snow!
International Day is a Huge Success!
Proud DVSS Teachers
Novel Groups
Macbeth Banquet
Nov 24 - I haven't got a clue!

Students play the traditonal game of Clue in French.

Nov 18 - Designing a Charter of National Dut...

Considering the obligations of a nation to its citizens, the dangers of ultrantionalism and the threats to international...

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Math & Science

Ready... Set... Go!
Learning About Static Electricity!
Biology Activities
Digestion In A Bag!!!
Oct 21 - Science 9 Reaction Rates

The Science 9 Class experimented what impact a catalyst has on a chemical reaction.  

Sep 18 - Chemistry 30

Who doesn't like burning things!  The chemistry 30 students tested our fire detection system by burning food items to f...

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COSMO Students Halloween Makeup @ BCF
COSMO Students offer Halloween Make-Up Service
Photography at DVSS
Model House completed!
DVSS Newscast Has Started Up!
Nov 27 - Fabrication skills - practical & ar...

Fabrication students have been developing essential metal working skills and applying them to various projects, includin...

Nov 13 - Let Them Eat Cake

Mr. Hatch's foods classes are now elbow deep in the art of cake baking. Students had the opportunity to build a white ca...

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DVSS attends WE Day
World of Choices for Grade 11 Students
Leadership Initiatives
Sep 18 - DVSS Cake Auction for the Terry Fox...

Thank you to all of the staff and students for participating in the Cake Auction today.  DVSS is proud to annouce th...

Sep 16 - Be the Change We Want to See in the...

  DVSS promotes individual responsibility, leadership, respect and acceptance.  The Connections leadership prog...

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